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Sam Omar, CFP®

Sam Omar, CFP®

Wealth Adviser

Sam Omar CFP®️, a dedicated Wealth Advisor of over 25 years,  specializes in serving healthcare professionals and is known for his expertise in comprehensive financial planning. Sam is deeply involved in all facets of client management and financial case design, with a strong focus on portfolio construction, analytics, investment research, due diligence, and practical implementation strategies.

Sam made a significant career leap by joining Archway Wealth Management in 2021. Sam has spent his career honing his skills and developed a profound understanding of the financial intricacies that have provided the foundation for his future endeavors.

Sam's commitment to continually enhancing his knowledge and skills in finance led him to pursue the Certified Financial Planner CFP®️ designation. Sam earned his bachelor's degree from Alexandria University, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and received his Financial Planning Certification from Fairleigh Dickinson.